Oh muddled water time
Still as you are
Aye so unclear
I chase your waters
For big fish


Your lips fell so crooked
Upon such simple words
My hands were wrong
Right upon shoulders
I work this knot
Sink the cuspid between the laces making spaces
Looking up at the sky
I think of you

Constance To The Square

It would all be different if
I never got to see you
Standing on the shore
wondering how you cut
your hair

It would have been a shame
If I couldn’t stand the facts
If you never wrote back
And me standing in the square
Wondering how you had cut
your hair

I can breath your air
And read your face
With each words pitch
Ticks away the time
Settling to my mind
Hands on your hips
I’m struck
by the way you
Had your hair cut


There is an accident
Cartwheel kids
Listening to generated sounds
Dumb down me
Fantastic provocative slip stream

An accident in grey
Some thing in the void
Tumble in tumble by
Pressing tin cut outs
Impressions follow impressionists try

It came to be
The kids tumbling by
their machines
An accident it happened that way
A vision of steam from a plastic kettle

I tumbled from the hammock
Gained in experience
Turned cold to my own metal
Can we eat now
Let’s make sure we get you to the plane on time….

I read the book and the movie was no good
I slipped a saddle on my back
And rode it through a rough patch
Runny eggs and suffering
You last as long as a thought of a new pair of boots
And once their bought its all I got
Your not gone from me but your just not around any more

Wheat Straw Shadow

A wheat straws shadows trace
Returns your finger to the page
A listless song
A knelling jester
A bowing grace
The suns light earths a shadow

Becoming to blank pages
In-between the words now savored

Fields low light
Tendered fruits labored
Your face reflecting to all that’s become
Grateful and regretting
Work spun, undone and spun